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Solving The Top 2 Challenges of Engineering Leadership

Today’s businesses live in a world of rapid development, high stakes projects, and priority initiatives. Every business decision, no matter how small always seems to involve technology. This is why high stakes are put on hiring and keeping the best technical talent in the organization. 

Everyone wants to grow fast and obviously needs the ability to scale the technical teams. After all, technical projects have a long life cycle and tend to run a long time after launch. Typically, companies chose either to increase their Hiring, frequently partnering with an Offshore Development Company, and possibly doing both with the hope that Offshore can provide quick progress and then be replaced by inside staff once right teams are built through the hiring process.

The Hiring Woes

Hiring top talent sounds easy, however the reality is that good talent is very scarce – top candidates are hard to find. They are probably enjoying another position at the time and poaching them is often not just extremely difficult but also expensive. And for any talented engineers who are currently on the market for a new role, there is another problem. Sorting through the large pool of candidates to single out who top candidates presents a challenge in itself. 

Once the hiring is completed, the candidate is still unproven. They can “talk the talk” during the interview process and answer all the questions correctly and they can have the best experience on paper, but can they “walk the walk”, and more importantly do they fit well within the existing organizational culture? It takes weeks and sometimes even months to discover if the candidate is a great fit within the team.

Another issue with the Hiring process is that it is very slow. Companies are being very careful in the selection and candidates are put through a really lengthy process involving multiple phone interviews, homework assignments, coding tests, in person interviews, and more. This process alone has candidates lose interest in a position that deemed perfect at the first.

Lastly, Hiring is an extremely linear, single lane process. Multiple candidates are evaluated against one position at a time even if several similar roles are open at the same time, and decisions typically are made one at a time. This means building a team takes a really long time, making sure there is a culture fit requires careful integration and onboarding of a new employee.

So what do you do if you need to grow your team fast? 

Growing Team via Partners

Due to the Hiring being so slow, when Growing a Team Fast is necessary, most organizations turn to their Development Partners. They typically interview candidates available at the time, select ideal folks for the project and assign them to their technical leaders within the organization. 

The problem with this approach however, is that the organization is employing engineering resources that are completely detached from the organizational culture, that are loyal to their own leadership, and have zero buy-in to the vision of the company and the high level goals that the company strives to meet. Typically, this is visible in tactical thinking, less pushback and feedback on better designs, and many other intangibles that a great and passionate employee will deliver. Add an offshore component to the above mentioned challenges and you now have to spend even more attention on communication to the point of micro managing teams, project schedules, and more.

There are also techniques large consulting organizations use to close their sales opportunities. They often allocate top talent to win the project, and then cycle the top talent off the project over time, replacing them with less experienced and frequently less talented resources. 

Thus, what seems like a great and often cheaper solution to meet the growth requirements typically falls short. 

So, given difficulties with both Hiring and Growing Teams via Partners, is there another way? Yes, the answer is what if you could hire an entire self-managed team?

Independent Engineering SWAT teams

There is a new active trend in engineering that is occurring around the world, especially as barriers to entry for new software companies has been minimized to a zero. Specialized boutique self-managed teams of about 5-25 engineers come together to form their own consulting companies centered around their specific and unique experience to help solve the wide engineering gaps in specialized solutions.

Building teams of similar degree would require a long time, but these self managed teams have already worked together on multiple project to a great degree of success. They don’t need to worry about culture, it already exists – team member trust – already given, results – proven, and management – established. Just the SWAT teams in police, who are specially trained, proven tactical groups that are ready to be deployed at any time notice, these SoftWare Autonomous Teams are ready to tackle the project immediately.

Hiring such a team, means that you get an immediate access to everything needed to start work. The teams run autonomously on their own tasks under the guidance of the delegated leadership, gathering requirements, and coordinating leadership.

Would it make sense to hiring such team for your organization?


Ampelfy provides clients independent self-managed software and engineering teams for top technical stacks such as Ruby on Rails, React, and others, and top technologies such as Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning. 

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