11.08.2018 1,271 views 4 min read

40 best creative podcasts to liven up your commute

We’re currently in the midst of an audio revolution. Podcasts have fast become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, offering bursts of radio to suit all hobbies and interests–regardless of how niche they might be.

Creatives are spoilt for choice when it comes to design-specific shows, which can make choosing just one or two a difficult task. To help you out, here we share our top 40 creative podcasts to liven up your commute, as chosen by the teachers at Shillington.

1. 99% Invisible
Ever wonder how inflatable men came to be regular fixtures at used car showrooms? Curious about the origin of the fortune cookie? Want to know why Sigmund Freud opted for a couch over an armchair? Wonder no longer. 99% Invisible answers the questions you’ve forever pondered, and more.